Electric locomotives

The majority of the DB Cargo Romania freight trains running on the main lines of the country’s network are hauled by the electric locomotives operated by our company. In 2023, DB Cargo Romania reached a milestone by welcoming the 30th electric locomotive in its rolling stock fleet, LEMA 072, and this was soon followed by the addition of another new locomotive, LEMA 073. In the previous years, DB Cargo Romania also rented for an extended period of time two other electric locomotives from the European operator MRCE – these were returned to their owner in late December 2022. Furthermore, when the situation calls for it, we collaborate with other private railway operators from Romania, so they can offer us their locomotives, helping us get the heaviest of our freight trains over steep inclines.   

Nowadays, the company is operating 3 different electric locomotive models:

  • 060 EA rated at 5.100 kW, in 2 constructive variants
  • LEMA – 6.000 kW
  • Class 92 – 5.040 kW

 Diesel Locomotives

DB Cargo Romania aims at reaching as many customers as possible and at offering them efficient answers to their needs and demands. In order to provide freight transport over the entire Romanian railway network, out of which only about 40% has been electrified, the company uses over 30 diesel locomotives of different kinds. They are used for main line services on non-electrified sections, and also for shunting in stations or in the factories or warehouses owned by our customers, where the use of electric locomotives would be not only ineffective but also dangerous, because of the very high voltages involved.    

DB Cargo Romania operates three different types of Diesel locomotives:

  • BR 232 “Ludmilla” – 3.000 HP
  • 060 DA – 2.100 HP
  • BR 290 – 1.360 HP