060 DA Diesel locomotives

 060 DA Diesel locomotives

DB Cargo Romania owns 12 diesel locomotives from the 060 DA series. Rated at 2100 HP, these locomotives are used for main line service on non – electrified railways, for train hauling on secondary lines and for shunting. They were built in Romania, by Electroputere Craiova in collaboration with UCM Resita and Axle Factory Caransebes. The diesel engine is made after a Sulzer Winterthur license, the mechanical part and the pneumatic installations are made following a Swiss Locomotives & Machines license, and the electric equipment is based on a Brown – Boveri license. Construction of these locomotives started in 1960, after the original Swiss locomotive brought for testing in 1959 successfully passed all the tests (for those interested, this first model is exposed in Dej). 

It is the most widely used diesel locomotive in Romania, having been exported to Poland, China and Bulgaria as well. DB Cargo Romania has some 060 DAs formerly used by the Polish Railways.

It must be specified that the locomotives from this series operated by DB Cargo Romania are amongst the best maintained and most modern diesels in Romania, having been refurbished and modernized for better results in terms of service, fuel economy and extended reliability.

17-DA 1682
DA 1682 DB Cargo Romania after a planned revision

In terms of improvement and modernization, the company decided to install a secondary, much smaller diesel engine with an electric generator, which can keep all auxiliaries running while the main Diesel engine is not working, while also keeping the main engine warm and ready for operation. This way, great economy can be achieved (the fuel consumption is 5 times smaller), the wear on the main engine is reduced, and pollution is drastically limited. Furthermore, the locomotive has been equipped with a multitude of sensors, which allow a close, real time monitoring of its state, allowing hidden problems to be identified and solved before they worsen. Costs are further reduced this way.

18-DA 1010
DA 010, after general overhaul and modernization

Short technical data overview:

  • Diesel engine: 12LDA28, licensed by Sulzer Winterthur
  • Power: 2.100 HP
  • Transmission: electrical
  • Axle formula (UIC): Co’Co’
  • Top speed: 100 km/h
  • Total mass: 117 t
  • Length over buffers: 17.000 mm
  • Width: 3.000 mm
  • Height: 4.270 mm
  • Traction engines: 6 direct current motors

19-DA 1684
DA 1684 in Sibiu

The 060 DA Diesel locomotives operated by DB Cargo Romania were also named after historical personalities. Furthermore, the last two locomotives to finish the general overhaul and modernization processes were named after two women which had a profound impact on our history: Queen Mary (DA 010) and Ecaterina Teodoroiu (DA 011).