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 What is Compliance?

The term compliance describes the ability to act in accordance with the law as well as the internal rules and regulations. It includes compliance with applicable norms and the duty to behave with integrity and have a professional conduct at the workplace.

Compliance is a relatively new subject on the Romanian market, its introduction marking the transition from a more rigid management system to more flexible models, focused on the needs of the person. In the compliance system, employees, as well as the people they come in contact with, have at hand a series of simple and clear guidelines of recommended behavior which set the limits that protect them – when complied with - from possible punitive actions or misinterpretations from the authorities.

DB Cargo has implemented a number of supporting documents, including: Code of Conduct for Employees, Policy 136.0101 on Acceptance and Provision of Benefits, Policy 136.0102 on Conflicts of Interest or Policy 136.0103 on the Protection of Company Assets.

The DB Code of Conduct sets out the framework for how DB employees should behave in their daily work, thus constituting a central element in the corporate culture.