Softronic LEMA

 Softronic LEMA

Softronic was established in 1999 in Craiova, a city with a long history in building, repairing and maintaining railway rolling stock. The company started by modernizing old 060 EA locomotives and by producing equipment and auxiliary installations, and then began manufacturing new, modern electric locomotives. The first LEMA-type locomotive (LEMA meaning Electric Locomotive with Asynchronous Motors) was delivered to CFR Calatori, but all the other locomotives were made for freight operators.

LEMA 065 photo Razvan Artinescu
LEMA 065 photo by Răzvan Artinescu

DB Cargo Romania currently owns 24 LEMA locomotives, classified as series no. 048. They were built between 2012 and 2023 and are the newest vehicles we currently own. The latest LEMA locomotive was delivered to DB in April 2023 - LEMA 073, which is the 24th rail vehicle used by our company.

6-LEMA 012 Urleasca
EMA 012 passing through Urleasca, Brăila county, Romania

Although they bear some similarities to the old 060 EA series, they only share some constructive features: the bogies, suspension and articulations, LEMA being otherwise a completely new product. They are powered by 6 traction motors, with a total power of 6.000 kW, making them ideal for hauling long, heavy freight trains on steeper inclines.

7-LEMA 010 Barbosi
LEMA 010 in Barbosi

Out of the vehicles built so far at Softronic Craiova, all but one are currently being used by various European freight railway operators. The first LEMA locomotive built is used by CFR Călători for passenger transport.

Short technical data overview:

  • Total mass with ballast: 126 t
  • Axle formula (UIC): Co’Co’
  • Power output: 6.000 kW
  • Length over buffers: 19.740 mm
  • Width: 3.000 mm
  • Power source: alternating current, single phased, 15 kV / 16,7 Hz or 25 kV / 50 Hz.
  • Top speed: 160 km/h
  • Maximum tractive effort: 435 kN
  • Electric traction motors: asynchronous, tri-phased
8-LEMA 003
LEMA 003 with a loaded Ford train