LDH – BR 290 Diesel locomotives

 LDH – BR 290 Diesel locomotives

For shunting in a customer’s factory or in stations and marshalling yards and for hauling light, short trains on non-electrified railways DB Cargo Romania is also using Diesel hydraulic locomotives belonging to the BR 290 series.

This locomotive type was built in Germany between 1964 and 1974 by Kiel Maschinenbau Works, but the 10 locomotives used by the company in Romania have been refurbished and their engine was changed for a more modern and effective MTU V8 1360 HP diesel engine. It has a better power output, it gives less emissions, and is much more reliable.

The BR 290 type locomotives are still being widely used in Germany, especially for shunting in larger marshalling yards and stations, due to their increased reliability and efficiency, proven in 55 years of constant service. Some models have been renumbered and were equipped with radio-control operations, allowing them to be driven by an operator walking besides them. Therefore, the need for a train driver during shunting is eliminated.

Short technical overview:

  • Diesel engine: MTU R41 4000 V8
  • Power: 1.360 HP
  • Transmission: hydraulic
  • Axle formula (UIC): B’-B’
  • Top speed
    Light operation/shunting: 40 km/h
    Hauling: 80 km/h
  • Maximum mass: 80 t
  • Length over buffers: 14.320 mm
  • Height: 4.250 mm
  • Width: 3.115 mm
20-LDH 525 Greuceanu
LDH 290 – 525 Greuceanu in Galati

All DB Cargo Romania locomotives belonging to the BR 290 series were named after traditional fairy-tale characters from Romania, such as Greuceanu, Făt-Frumos, Ileana Cosânzeana or Zâna Zânelor.

23-LDH 592 Ileana3
LDH 592 Ileana Cosânzeana in Alesd, inside the Cement Factory

24-LDH 526
LDH 256 Harap Alb