The 5.100 kW 060 EA type locomotives

 Locomotivele 060 EA de 5.100 kW

DB Cargo Romania is currently operating 3 060 EA type locomotives, rated at 5.100 kW – these are also the oldest electric locomotives belonging to the company.
The locomotives were manufactured by Electroputere Craiova and are based on a license owned by the former Swedish manufacturer ASEA – beginning with 1967, more than a thousand locomotives were built in Craiova and were based on this license. They are still the most widely used electric locomotives in Romania, and in 50 years they have proven their reliability and efficiency, having successfully passed the test of time, both in passenger and freight operations.
DB Cargo Romania is using only one truly classical 060 EA electric locomotive, which has seen its pneumatic installation renewed, and 2 other locomotives which have been heavily modified and modernized by Softronic Craiova, to make them more efficient and reliable.

2-EA 1077
EA 1077 – the only classic electric locomotive of DB Cargo Romania

3-macheta EA 1077
Model of the EA 1077 locomotive (scale: 1:87, H0) made by

Short technical data overview:

  • Total mass with ballast: 126 t
  • Axle formula (UIC): Co’Co’
  • Power: 5.100 kW
  • Length over buffers: 19.800 mm
  • Width: 3.000 mm
  • Height: 4.500 mm
  • Power source: alternating current, single phased, 25 kV and 50 Hz
  • Top speed: 120 km/h (valid only for DB Cargo Romania locomotives)
  • Tractive effort: ~ 400 kN, in single-hour work regime

4-EA 774
EA 774 – modernized by Softroni