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Build on direct access

A dedicated siding brings many benefits, but setting it up is a complicated and involved process. DB Cargo is your strong partner, giving you highly skilled and experienced support in all phases of such a project.

A dedicated siding gives you direct access to the international rail network and thus all Europe's key business centers. DB Cargo stands by you through the entire process, giving you advice and support.

Subsidy program for sidings

To boost the shift of transport from road to rail, the German government passed a statutory regulation promoting the development of private sidings: the regulation relating to the construction of new private sidings and the development and reactivation of existing installations. All necessary information, contact persons and relevant links relating to the initiative, known in German as "Offensive Gleisanschluss," can be accessed by following the link provided here to the cross-company website for siding information.

Take advantage of our experience

Whether you want to expand an existing siding or build a new one: contact a siding specialist at our Customer Service Center directly, who will answer all your questions about the siding – particularly the logistical and technical requirements.

Gain advantages by integrating us into your planning at an early stage. A siding tailored precisely to your needs enhances the efficiency of your production or warehousing facilities and may be a decisive factor in location choices.

Take advantage of our expertise gained over many years. The more details we know about our plans, the more help we can provide in implementation. For ideal implementation, you can provide us with the following information:

  • Location of the planned connection
  • Type of goods
  • Approximate transport volume per year
  • Most important routes