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Gaining practical experience at DB

Final thesis, internship program or elective placement: There are several opportunities for students to join DB during their studies and numerous opportunities for career advancement.

Our internship program presents a great career entry opportunity as you will have the chance to demonstrate your expertise by solving complex tasks and implementing your own ideas. If you are successful we will consider the option of a joint final thesis. 

The most frequent and indeed the best-case-scenario is the opportunity to draft your thesis following a preceding internship during the course of which the topic is set based on a combination of your specialist area and your preferences. If you don’t want to work on a pre-defined final thesis topic and you already have an interesting topic of your own DB Cargo is the right place for you - We will be glad to hear details of your topic.

Further information on our career entry opportunities at one of the most multi-facetted employers in Germany can be found in the career section of the Deutsche Bahn.